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Battery Diagnostics (3)



Battery tester

  • For measuring battery charge (6 and 12 V),with turned-off engine, with results within 5 sec
  • Allows to check the functioning of the alternator
890 K


Digital battery tester with printer

- Measures the state of charge, the capacity and efficiency of the batteries from 6 to 12V, also with "Start & Stop" system
- Checks the alternator efficiency and the starting system from 12V to 24V
- It allows you to test batteries: EFB, flat AGM, SPIRAL AGM, VRLA / GEL, standard Liquid
- LCD screen
- Thermal printer (no ink required)
- 6 languages selectable
- Cables length: 2 m
- Supplied in a plastic case with shock-resistant shell and 2 rolls of paper
- Spare cables: code BAT.TEST-C

Spare parts (1)

890 KA

Paper rolls

  • Paper rolls for 890 K (2 pieces)
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