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926 A


Oleo-pneumatic riveter

  • Supplied with four interchangeable nozzles and service key
927 B


Progressive blow gun in shockproof plastic material

- Connection thread made in the plastic body
- Stainless steel tube
- The shape of the gun has been designed to allow a particularly comfortable use of the operating lever
- The dispensing device requires only 7 N of effort
927 MN

Blow gun with gauge

  • Model with double valve, Aluminium body and graduated scale in bar/psi
  • Complies with CEE 86/217 standard
939 C1

Air hose reel 10 mm

  • Model with automatic hose rewind with holding device
  • Shock resistant plastic casing with swivel bracket for attachment to wall
  • Conformity to Machine Regulation 2006/42/CE and to the norms ISO EN 12100-1 e ISO EN 12100-2
  • Can also be used outdoors
  • Glossy polyurethane hose
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