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Corporate and trademark   Basic guidelines for correct trademark use

Corporate and trademark

Basic guidelines for correct trademark use


USAG trademark

USAG trademark is made up of two elements:

  • USAG logotype (name of the company with graphic characters properly designed);
  • the graphic symbol of the key (the iconic symbol).

USAG logotype and its graphic character have been created taking into consideration the spirit and the original name of the company. The key symbol, which is placed near the logotype, has a simple and clear graphic shape and it represents the company and its products. Moreover it has a high evocative power because it is the historical and universal symbol of the tool - which is consolidated in the common memory - due to its functionality and its numerous performances. It has always been an expression of quality, easy to use and within everybody's reach. It has often been indicative of the perfect tool and consequently an expression of the personal satisfaction oft he user.

RED color, which is warm, emotive, vital and friendly is at the root of USAG visual identity, which represents experience reliability, skill and prestige. The trademark can be reproduced in Pantone® colors for printing in spot colors or converted to four-color process according to the indicated percentage. If a processing which is different from printing is used it is necessary to convert the colors to the corresponding chromatic code. The table shows the corresponding RGB values for electronic use, specific HTML for internet and RAL.

485 CC 0%R 230FF 00 003020
M 100%G 0
Y 100%B 0
K 0%

Authorization to use the USAG trademark

USAG promotes the use of trademark for Co-Marketing initiatives in collaboration with its best dealers. USAG trademark is registered in its graphics and colors: can not be used without USAG authorization.

To request authorization to use USAG trademark and receive the logo in digital format, send an email to specifying your company name and the reason for the request.


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Corporate image manual

For additional information on USAG trademark use, its special versions and the more graphic elements of the USAG universe.

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