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We have selected a group of young sportsmen, who best represent the values of our company:

  • UNIQUENESS - Athletes unique in their kind of sporting discipline.
  • TOP PERFORMANCES - Excellent results.
  • ITALIAN STYLE - Three Italian women and three men who stand out at the highest levels.
Alessia Zecchini
Age: 28
Sport: Apnea
Best performance:
Constant trim with single fin 2019. Constant trim without tools 2019. 23 world records.
Valentina Greggio
Age: 29
Sport: speed skiing
Best performance:
World speed record (247.083 km/h).
Eleonora Farina
Age: 29
Sport: Mountain bike downhill
Best performance:
Italian champion 2017 and European.
Massimiliano Piffaretti
Age: 25
Sport: Wakeboard
Best performance:
Gold Medal at the World Championships in Mexico 2015.
Gian Marco Oddo
Age: 28
Sport: Parkour
Best performance:
Top 5 in the European Championships 2 guiness world record.
Giorgio Garino
Age: 23
Sport: Skate Downhill
Best performance:
European gold at Insul 2016 Italian champion 2016 and 2017.

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