Engine (53)

1510 N

Cooling system tester

  • Checks cooling system tightness (hoses, clips, pump, radiator, cylinder-head gasket)
  • Supplied in plastic case with pump, pressure gauge and screw cups
1620 A

Glow plug tester

- For use with 12V batteries
- It allows a fast and accurate testing of glow plugs
- Possibility to test for each glow plug
- Suitable for all types of glow plugs from 3.5 to 12 Volt
- Suitable for steel and ceramic glow plugs
- Protected against short circuit and reverse polarity
- Compact and shock-resistant structure
1785 A

Vacuum/pressure pump

  • Capacity: -1÷4 bar
  • Vacuum/pressure selection valve
  • Aluminium body
  • 800 mm flexible hose
  • 30 adapters included
  • Tray for liquids included
  • Vacuum: 0 ÷ -1 bar
  • Pressure: 0 ÷ 4 bar
  • Fluid suction (diesel, brake fluid, cooling fluid, ecc.)
  • Vacuum advance with a timing light
  • Vacuum advance with AEI Renix ignition
  • Seal for fuel supply system
  • Working on carburator valves
  • Seal for brake power assistance
  • Turbine exhaustion control membranes
  • Supplied in plastic case
1954 A

Telescopic engine support with rotating arms

- Holds engine from below when supports are removed from vehicle
- Universal: for cars and commercial vehicles
- It allows to work on the engine granting great accessibility without using cables or lifters
- Two sliding hooks to adapt to any vehicle
- Telescopic arm 230 mm extendable
- Sliding shaft extendable from 657 to 887 mm
- Sliding side arms extendable from 322 to 566 mm
- Arms can move covering chassis at 360 °
- Two adjustable feet with anti-slip rubber coating that adapt to the contact surface up to 8°
278 D

278 D
Norme:  ISO 11168


Glowplug wrenches with jointed socket

  • Block system for retaining the glowplug
  • Hexagonal opening
  • 3/8" square drive
278 N

278 N
Norme:  ISO 11168


T-handle spark plug wrenches with jointed socket

  • Hexagonal opening
  • Rubber gasket for retaining the spark plug
  • Removable sliding bar
278 NL

278 NL
Norme:  ISO 11168


Long T-handle spark plug wrenches with jointed socket

  • Hexagonal opening
  • Rubber gasket for retaining the spark plug
  • Removable sliding bar
279 3/8

279 3/8
Norme:  ISO 11168


Spark plug sockets

  • Bihexagonal opening for size 14 mm
  • Hexagonal opening for size 16 mm
  • Rubber gasket for retaining the spark plug
  • 3/8" square drive
279 N 1/2

279 N 1/2
Norme:  ISO 11168


Spark plug sockets

  • Hexagonal opening
  • Rubber gasket for retaining the spark plug
  • 1/2" square drive
279 PC

Pliers for spark plug caps

  • For disconneting caps of spark plugs
  • No damage to leads
430 C


Piston ring compressors, ratchet-type

  • To hold piston rings steady in their positions while inserting the pistons into the cylinders
435 DN

Timing pulley turner wrench

  • For PETROL and DIESEL engines
435 FN

Extractor for timing pulleys

  • Adjustable arms, suitable for different diameters
435 M


Elastic belt kit

  • Suited for all types of elastic belts
  • Suited to simple pulleys or double diameter pulleys
  • Easy use without other tools
  • Requires no adjustement for fitting or removing
  • Supplied in plastic box
  • Metal body
435 TBN

Multi-groove pulley extractor

  • Adjustable claws
  • Groove pitch: 3,56 mm.


Piston ring pliers

  • Model with specially shaped jaws for assembling and disassembling piston rings
438 N


Slide-hammer valve lifter

  • For removing valve springs
  • The slide hammer is used to free split collets
438 P


Pneumatic tool for assembling and disassembling engine valves

  • Universal (PETROL and DIESEL engines)
  • Max push: 75 Kg at 6 bar, 100 Kg at 8 bar
  • Supplied in plastic case 480x380x135 mm


Valve lifter clamp

  • For fitting and removing valve springs
  • Screw adjustment model, straight clamps
439 M


Valve grinder

  • Suction pads Ø 19 and 22 mm
439 P


Pneumatic valve grinder

  • Air supply pressure 8 bar
  • Adjustable oscillation rate: 250÷3000/min
  • Supplied with 3 suction pads: Ø 22, 33, 45 mm


Spring-clips pliers

  • For hose clips on cooling, heating, fuel ect.
870 C


Pliers for fuel hoses

  • For petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Ergonomic bimaterial handgrip


Spring-clip pliers

  • Long model with blocking system and pivoting tips


Spring-clip pliers

  • Short model with blocking system and and pivoting tips


Pliers for CORBIN clamps

  • Model with choice of axial or 90° grip that can be locked in three different positions
871 AN

Pliers for CORBIN clamps

  • For cooling, heating and fuel hoses
  • Adjustable arm (600 mm) that keeps the set position
  • Rack-type system to reduce efforts
871 B


CLICK spring-clips pliers

  • Pivoting jaws to 360° for an easy access
871 C


CLICK spring-clips pliers

  • Three-axial heads to work in any position
  • To open and close CLICK spring-clips on fuel circuits, intake manifolds and hydraulic circuits
  • Steel body, phospatized finish
  • Ergononomic bimaterial handgrip
871 D


Pliers for CORBIN clamps

- Model with frontal or side hooking
- Jaws with serrated gripping surface
- Inside spring
- Ergonomic anti-slip handles


Pliers for CORBIN clamps

  • Model with device for adjustment and blocking of the jaw opening and tips that turn up to 180°


Valve guide seal pliers

  • For removing valve guide seals


Socket wrenches for lambda probes

  • For installing or removing lambda probes
876 B


Pliers to extract the rubber holders on exhaust pipes

- To disassemble and extract the rubber holder for exhaust pipes
- Designed to work safely
- Inside spring
- Ergonomic anti-slip handles
876 N


Ratchet cutter for exhaust pipes

  • Perfect for precise cuts without damages on exhaust pipes mounted on cars
  • Ratchet mechanism for quick operations
  • Easy access
  • Uniform cuts with special cutting rolls and inside roll drive
  • Cuts thicknesses up to 3 mm (pipe walls)
  • Spare blade  DE.8-1


Compressed air gas extractor

  • For suction and extraction from workshop environment of exhaustion gas coming from cars, industrial vehicles and motorcycles
  • Adjustable suction power for cars/trucks
  • Model with wheels
  • Suction cone with adjustable height (10÷100 cm)
  • Complies with the 2001/95/CE and 2003/10/CE norms
885 E


Remover kit for electrode glow plugs, DIESEL

- Allows the removal of broken electrodes without disassembling the cylinder head
- Specifica for CITROEN - FORD - MAZDA - PEUGEOT - SUZUKI - TOYOTA - VOLVO engines
- For plugs with M8x1 - M9x1 - M10x1 - M10x1,25 threads
 - Supplied in plastic case
886 A2

Extractor for MERCEDES Common Rail electronic injectors

  • It makes easy the extraction operations in cases of difficult access, without damage risk
886 RA

Sockets for removal of diesel injector electric connections

  • Hexagonal opening
886 RB10

Hexagonal bit 10 mm for electrode removal

  • Hole Ø 7,5 mm

Socket wrench for diesel engine injectors

  • Long socket with bihexagonal opening (Ø 29mm)
899 N



  • To locate engine defects
  • Plastic grip
907 N


Digital timing light

  • For the stroboscopic visualization of the spark lead marks
  • Suitable for 2 or 4 stroke engines until 2 sparks/rpm
  • Reading memory
  • Supplied in plastic box with cables and crocodile clips
907 S


Timing light

  • For the stroboscopic visualization of the spark lead marks
  • Suitable for 2 or 4 stroke engines until 2 sparks/rpm
  • Supplied in plastic box with cables and crocodile clips
993 C


Brush for spark plugs

  • For cleaning electrodes
  • Brass wires
278 NL/SE2

Set of 2 long T-handle spark plug wrenches

  • Hexagonal opening
  • Rubber gasket for retaining the spark plug
  • Removable sliding bar
435 E/S5

435 E/S5
Norme:  ISO 691


Set of 5 bihexagonal ring wrenches for belt tension nuts

  • Special steel for high resistance
  • Quick system to hook/release the wrench to handgrip
  • Bihexagonal opening
435 V


Universal pulley block

  • For PETROL and DIESEL engines
  • To hold timing pulleys of engines with single or double camshaft and for diesel injection pumps
884 C/S6

Set of six wrenches for injector pipes fittings

  • For assembly and disassembly of injectors pipes fittings
  • Bihexagonal openings
  • Length: 98 mm
  • Square drive 1/2"
  • Sizes: 12-14-16-17-18-19 mm
  • Special steel
  • Chrome plated
  • Supplied in plastic box
885 F


Injector cleaning kit

- Ideal for duct cleaning of injectors mounted on common rail engines
- Kit consists of:
2 wire brushes Ø 20mm and 25mm for cleaning injectors seat (use only in a clockwise direction)
2 brushes (Aluminum and brass) for cleaning the bottom injectors seats
1 extension for the brushes
2 caps to occlude the combustion chamber connection hole
1 handle to insert and remove the occlusion caps
1 adhesive sandpaper kit Ø 16 mm with supports
886 K


Universal kit for diesel Common rail injector removal

  • To remove injectors
    - BOSCH (GM 2.2L included)
    - SIEMENS (PIEZO V2 included)
    - DELPHI
  • Multiple connection system (inside/outside) for injectors BOSCH
  • Supplied in plastic case
438 NA1

Collet clamp for engines 16V

  • For use with valve lifters 438 N
439 PA

Suction pads

  • To be used together with 439 P
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